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Human Biology Students' Union

The Human Biology Students' Union (HBSU) is a student union at the University of Toronto St. George Campus representing the Human Biology program and life science student body by running mentorship programs, academic seminars & socials.

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Our Mission

HBSU is committed to supporting students in Life Sciences at UofT St. George Campus. In particular, we have a focus on the Human Biology Department.

In the 2023-2024 academic year, we were awarded the ASSU Sanjeev (Sanj) Dewett Course Union of the Year Award.

This program aims to guide first-year Life Science students through their university transition. First-year mentees are paired with upper-year mentors for 1-on-1 meetings throughout the year to learn about UofT's academic and mental health resources, research opportunities, POSt, and much more!

From our Halloween Socials to Winter Formals, we organize several social events for the entire Life Science student to de-stress, have fun, and mingle with one another!

This program aims to guide high school students interested in the Life Sciences. Grade 11 and 12 mentees are paired with current UofT Life Science student mentors for 1-on-1 mentoring throughout the year.

From "Road to Research" and "HMB and Beyond" to our International and Ontario Medical School Symposiums - these academic events serve to share with students the research opportunities at UofT, inform them of Life Science careers, and provide networking opportunities! 

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Whether it's finding research opportunities or navigating university services, HBSU aims to increase the ease of resource accessibility to all students

Our Sponsors


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2nd Year Life Science Student

"I have attended many events hosted by HBSU and they have always been great and informational. I was able to learn something new every time I went, whether it was from their Road to Research event or their Translational Research and Medicine Conference. I think there is definitely something there for every life science undergraduate. Their mentorship program was also very thought out because they match you with someone who is in your field of interest. I was able to gain a lot of experience and knowledge from this program and it really helped guide me on what I want to do during my undergraduate and beyond. I think this club is definitely way more involved, inclusive, and fun for student life compared to some of the other ones." 

2nd Year Life Science Student

"HBSU is a great platform overall that exposes students to a variety events and opportunities. I personally was able to learn a lot about mentorship through the HBSU mentorship program. I think it was a great way for me to develop leadership skills and also keep a track of the deadlines. They tailor their content/ events as per the needs of the students and I believe that is how a union truly shows they care about their members. I have gained meaningful interactions professionals in the Human Biology field via the HBSU events. Also, the type of guest speakers at the events have exposed me to unique career paths that i believe many others like myself, might be unaware of. Lastly, the HBSU has always created a welcoming environment by trying to actively engage with the students. I personally have had multiple doubts and queries that were resolved immediately by their team."

MSc Student in IMS

HBSU has continued to innovate and excel in event organization taking on the task of truly introducing students to niches of science and industry which other clubs and unions
have failed to do [...] The praise I can give HBSU is near limitless but what I desire to express most is how HBSU stands as a beacon and reminder of what a union ought to be [...] HBSU events this year alone have sampled a wide array of roles and topics simply to introduce students to help them find their passion. That is the core of their mission and it is abundantly clear. HBSU’s long standing position as representing the largest student union is no simple feat either. Students from other departments/faculties choose to attend HBSU events because of the frequency, type, variety and novelty of the events offered. The team continuously strives to create a welcoming atmosphere and one that students can strive in. 
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